Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Once the summer is over, there are going to be fewer people looking to buy a home, but you can still sell your property. There are pros and cons of selling your home in all the different seasons. You may be asking yourself if it is better to sell your home in the fall or in the winter.

Selling your in the fall doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more difficult, but there are some things you can do to improve your chances. There are some tips to help you prepare your home to sell in the fall.

Creating the Right Impression
You want to impress potential buyers when they first see the home. Your home has only one chance to make a good first impression. This means making sure the outside of the home is looking its best, without any obvious problems to put off potential buyers.

This might mean you need to repaint the exterior of your home before its listing. Painting the front door a contrasting color can make the home stand out in a positive way, though you should avoid a garish color choice.

tips for Selling a Home in the Fall
Tidy up the flower beds, removing all the weeds, and sweep away any leaves from paths. Get out your ladder and clean anyway cobwebs, and check the guttering for leaves while you have the ladder there. Leaves in the gutters could become a problem during the home inspection, so its best to get ahead of this.

Since you only have one chance to create the right first impression, don’t mess it up. Though you may see the outside of your home every day and not see anything wrong, try to put yourself in the shoes of someone seeing the home for the first time. Making sure that your home has excellent curb appeal will ensure a buyer finds the home appealing. Make sure you complete the chores you might have been putting off so that your home looks its best for the showings.

Seasonal Planting
Adding some color to the outside of your home can greatly improve the appearance. Check what is being sold in your nearest nursery to add some fall color. This should give you some good ideas for colors to use in your yard that reflect the season, as well as decor to add, like a wreath on your front door.

Chrysanthemums are a good choice as they provide a range of colors and are hardy for the colder temperatures of fall. Marigolds brighten up your flower beds with their yellow and orange blooms and can blossom right up until the first frost. As they grow, be sure to prune off the dead flowers as that will help the flowers continue to grow and produce more blooms.

Add some accents to your outdoors to accessorize your outdoor space. Adding a water feature will add to the ambiance of the outdoor space. Containers with beautiful fall flowers will also enhance your outdoor space. Even you are working with a small outdoor space, there are some great ways to create a beautiful garden in a tiny space.

Making Repairs
Before your home is listed, go around the property and fix up any problems you find. Even relatively small things, like burnt-out bulbs, should be replaced to avoid dark areas in your rooms. There are costs associated with owning a home and taking care of the problems as they arise may help you avoid more costly repairs later on.

If you have a traditional fireplace when was the last time the chimney was cleaned? Hire a chimney sweep to make sure you can have a roaring fire in your home when potential buyers visit. This should impress buyers, making the home feel welcoming.

Replace filters on your HVAC system. This is something that could cause an issue when the home inspection is carried out, so replacing them early reduces the potential for problems. Also, be sure to change the batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Choosing Your Realtor
Since you are out of the main buying season, you need to be sure you are selecting the best Realtor to market your home. Find out about their previous experience, and what their clients think of the service they provide. How strong is their online presence? Do they have popular and up-to-date social media accounts? A good online presence should help your home sell, maximizing marketing opportunities.

Is Your Home Ready for Buyers?
Even after you have completed all the tasks we’ve outlined, there could still be some things you need to do before it is ready to be shown to buyers. You might have cleaned up the exterior, repainting, and replanting to make it look its best, but there are still a few other things that need to be done.

Declutter your rooms, make sure the laundry is put away, clean bathrooms and the kitchen, and also make the beds before showings take place. Smells can help sell your home, consider using essential oils over burning candles, which some people dislike. Fresh flowers are another good option to make your interior aroma more pleasant. There are many good reasons that a buyer will want to purchase a home in the fall.

Final Thoughts
There are more challenges to selling in the fall, but if you embrace the season, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a buyer. Take your time to identify the issues your home has that could put off buyers, and then carry out the necessary tasks to improve your chances of selling.

By Sharon Paxon Realty Biz News

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