Steps to consider before sell your home

Hi, this is Rania with Bean Group. I am here today in our weekly episodes to answer a new question for my clients. What steps should I consider before I put my home on the market? First thing, declutter. I cannot talk enough about declutter. But imagine your self going to check a new property just came on the market and there is boxes everywhere because the seller is moving. I understand that but it will not look nice when the buyers it will not look nice in the picture. So please, please please declutter any big items you don't need it between now and the closing. The second thing please try to avoid the strong colors and paint. People buyers appreciate the light colors in walls so light gray, white light beach, people appreciate because they can feel themselves and they can feel the furniture can fit in these houses in these rooms. The third thing is staging and staging. When you staged your homes when you know where to put the furniture, what kind of like what matches with this, what doesn't match what you should keep what you should remove for the pictures. I am happy to give you a tips as I am a certified as teacher. So this help and if you did three these three steps, I guarantee that your home will be in an out of the market very fast with the highest price. Let me know with your next question and we'll see you then. Bye

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