Operation Resale: Creating a Better Home to Live in While Increasing Its Value

2020 has been a year where people have spent the most time at home in recent memory. Most individuals have spent more time at home than ever before with closures of restaurants and other businesses. Turning the home into a more livable space needs to be the goal during this time. For those that are lucky enough to have kept their jobs, the money they are saving by staying home can be used for home improvements and renovations. The home should be viewed as a huge investment as it is likely the bulk of a person’s net worth whether they own the home outright or via home equity. Improving your home and its resale value simultaneously should be the goal of every homeowner. The following are improvements that will put you in a comfortable position when it comes time to sell down the line. 

Flooring Change

Keeping the carpet clean throughout the home can seem like a full-time job in itself. This job becomes far more difficult with children or a pet running around. Wood flooring might not be the best option for families with kids or pets as it can be scratched. Water left without being cleaned up can lead to the floor buckling and the flooring with have to be replaced at some point. A great option is a faux wood tile that gives you a look of wood without the upkeep associated. Tile can withstand anything besides heavy objects being dropped but a cracked tile can be replaced at a reasonable price. Create a list of pros and cons to see which type of flooring will truly increase resale value while reducing time spent maintaining the floor.

Garage Door Replacement

Garage door replacement can give a home that curb appeal that matters immensely when listing a home. For car lovers, glass garage doors can allow the owner to see their prized automobiles. Painting a current garage door can help with curb appeal but might not function as needed. A home inspector is going to make note of a faulty garage door which can cost thousands to replace. Take care of this now by replacing your current garage door with a more contemporary option.

Building a Deck for Entertaining

The deck can be a great place to entertain whether you have a pool or not. This can be perfect for grilling or having people over for a summer barbeque. The one aspect to keep in mind is enlisting the help of insured contractors with previous experience building decks. The last thing anyone wants is a deck to collapse when visitors are over leading to multiple injuries. For those with pools, the pool deck can have an outdoor kitchen added. Being able to entertain without worrying about spills in the home provides the ultimate convenience for hosts. A great deck will appeal to those that love to entertain when your home is listed on the market.

Opening Up the Kitchen and Adding an Island

The kitchen is the focal point of the home for many families. This is where a family congregates during meals and where guests do the same. Being able to open up the kitchen can allow parents to watch their children while they are prepping meals. The kitchen island will assist with prepping as added counter space makes it quite easy to prep a number of ingredients. HGTV has popularized these islands and this channel could have a larger impact on a buyer’s checklist than their personal tastes. Movable islands are the most versatile as they can get in the way at times if not placed in a convenient location. A kitchen bar for breakfast or snack is also an option that the entire family will benefit from.

Finishing Your Basement

The basement has been traditionally used for storage for a number of families. The truth is that most of the junk in the basement can be sold or thrown out. Adding a large amount of square footage in livable space in the home by finishing the basement is wise. The basement is far too versatile of a space to be used for storage as it can easily be used for entertaining. A teenager that yearns for privacy might see the basement as their apartment. Putting a bathroom in the basement can also allow for convenience if the basement is turned into a coveted man cave. A buyer will view this space as a bonus when compared to other unfinished basements in homes they have been shown.

Taking the time to create a list of improvements that you want to make in the next few years is important. The list can provide motivation to save money for the next project that will change the energy of a room or the entire home.


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