November 2023 Housing Market Report for Rockingham & Strafford Counties, NH

Welcome to our November 2023 Housing Market Report, where we dissect the real estate trends shaping Rockingham and Strafford Counties in New Hampshire. As we navigate the dynamic landscape, let's delve into insights that empower your decision whether you're considering buying, selling, or investing in the real estate market.

As you know, in the last quarter of this year, we have provided you with monthly updates, comparing the current year to the same month in 2021. We witnessed a shift in the market as interest rates nearly doubled in less than six months in 2022. Today, we'll unravel the data and statistics for November 2023 and November 2021, unveiling how these interest rate fluctuations have impacted our local real estate market.

The housing market includes single families and condos in Rockingham and Strafford counties;

We had 378 New listings in November 2023, while 428 in November 2021. Under contract 369 Properties in November 2023, while in November 2021, we had 523. 423 Closed properties in November 2023, while last year, in November 2021, were 637 Properties. The median price in November this year was around $540,000, while the median price in November 2021 was $430,000.

In conclusion, we had less inventory, about 11%, compared to November 2021. As the property inventory is low, the prices have increased by 25% to 2021, including only 2% if we compare it between this year in November and November 2022, as the median price range was around $525,000

Navigate these trends with confidence, and let the November winds of change guide you toward wise real estate decisions in Rockingham & Strafford Counties. Happy house hunting!

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