Improvement list before you sell

Hi everyone, this is Rania and Bean Group. I am here to answer a question in our weekly episodes. The question for today what improvement Should I do and consider before I left my home and put it on the market, I would like to give you these following tips. fresh paint. The first payment is appreciated, always appreciated from the buyer side you can go with the light gray light dish of white, bright, make sure that your home is bright, you can add under cabinet lights, you can add side lamp in different rooms and you can change the bulk self and make it brighter. That will add nice light in a strong kitchen. Kitchen is the heart of the house. I rarely ask my clients to change the kitchen because it's really really expensive. But you can have a good look about the kitchen without changing it. You can paint the cabinet changing and change the kitchen fixtures, update their appliances with stainless steel appliances. Many things you can have in the kitchen and if you have more extra money you can add granite countertops besides the kitchen, you can update the bathrooms. You don't have to change all the bathrooms. You can make few things to make it nicer and neater you can clean the crowd. Change the vanity, change the shower door and mirror fixtures, light fixtures, and of course fresh paint. I also can give you more customized tips. If you want. Give me a call today and we can talk in more depth

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