How can we make you the winning offer?

Hi, everyone, this is Rania within Bean Group. I am here today to answer a question. There is frustration in real estate market at this point from a lot of buyers, they are out there, because it's multiple offer situations. So how can we make our offer appealing? And how can we be the winner offer? How can make sure that the seller would choose our offer with multiple offer situations. That's what I would like to discuss with you today, you need to consider many things. When you're submitting an offer, you need to see what the seller is looking for are the already found another place we would like to move in? Are they looking for fast closing, they would like to stay linked back after the closing because they would like to find the right home, but what criteria they are considering. Because when you understand their needs, you can give them what they are looking for. It's not always the winner is the highest offer. Of course, the value is important because they would like to make sure that they have enough money for their next move. But at the same time, different terms and conditions they will consider and they will look into it. So you need to consider what the seller is looking for. And you need to make sure that there is balance between what you need and what the seller wants. So if you would like to discuss this in more details, I'm happy to sit with you and give you more depth about this tough and challenging market. Talk this time

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