Housing Market December 2023

Housing Market December 2023 

Welcome, everyone! To our new housing market, for the new people who are checking my video for the first time thank you for being here my name is Rania Elsherif, a licensed realtor with eXp Realty, and today, we're diving deep into the December 2023 housing market right here in beautiful New Hampshire State. If you're passionate about real estate, you're in the perfect place.

As you know, since the last quarter of this year, we have provided you with monthly updates, comparing the current year to the same month in 2021. As we witnessed a huge shift in the market as interest rates nearly doubled in less than six months. Today, we're going to discuss the data and statistics for both December  2023 and December 2021, unveiling how these interest rate increases have impacted our local real estate market.

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The housing market includes single families and condos in Rockingham and Strafford counties, NH;

267 New listings in December 2023 while we had 318 in December 2021

Under contract 341 Properties in December 2023 while in December 2021 we had 363

350 Closed properties in December 2023 while last year in December 2021 was 552 Properties 

The median price in December 2023 was around $504,950

While the median price in December 2021 was $450,000

In conclusion, we had less inventory around 16% compared to December 2021, as the properties inventory is low the prices have increased by around 12%  to 2021, including only 5% if we compare it between this year in December and December 2022 as the median price range was around $475,000.

If you have any thoughts about buying or selling, let’s chat to ensure you will make the right decision.

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