Does the seller need to do all the improvement before selling their home?

Hi, this is Rania with Bean group and the question for today. Do I have to do everything needs to be done inside the house before I list my home? And I would like to answer this question that it will depend on the condition of the market. If we have very low inventory as we have now, you don't want to spend two, three months preparing your home to be on the market. And by the time you're all in the market already, we have a lot of inventory. You need to make sure that many factors you need to consider in your decision like how many buyers are out there, how many homes are available for sale? What the conditions of the market in general? And what's the market value for your home at this point? And what's the market value for your home when you finish all the updates. You don't want to spend $50,000 to finish everything you need to be done in the house and eventually that only will add around 35 $40,000 so you need to think and consider all the factors before you make the right decision. And always I am here to help answer any questions you have without any obligation. Looking forward to talking with you soon. Take care

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