5 Reasons to Install a Smart Thermostat This Winter

The world of technology has brought many benefits to homeowners. From high-tech security systems that protect your home to smart thermostats that can learn your patterns and anticipate your heating and cooling needs, innovative technology helps you run your home more efficiently.

The drive to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, saving energy and money around your home is one of the best reasons to install a smart thermostat. These intuitive devices can help you to program your HVAC system to reduce the amount of energy that you waste.

Heat When You Need It

Most homeowners set their thermostats to a constant temperature and leave it there. This means that your furnace is working hard to keep a constant temperature whether you are home or at work. Heating your home while you are out doesn’t make sense financially or environmentally. With a smart thermostat, you can program your furnace to turn down while you aren’t home or at night and then heat up when you are on your way home so that your home will be toasty warm when you arrive.

Save Money

Using less energy to heat your home equals smaller energy bills. Using the smart thermostat application, you can get a comprehensive view of your heating habits and make changes to see the most waste. Smart thermostats can save you up to $180 per year on your heating costs.

Remote Access

One of the innovative features of a smart thermostat is that you can control it from anywhere. You don’t have to be in your home to make changes to your system. If bad weather is moving when you are away from home, you can use your app to boost your home temperature to protect your pipes or pets. You can also program your system to automatically start to warm your home while you are on your way home from work.

Easy to Use

Not everyone is tech-savvy, so smart thermostats are designed to be easy to use for everyone. Using bright LED monitors that can be easily read in all light conditions, smart thermostats use a combination of simple graphics and color-coding to help you program your system. Both the thermostat and the online app are designed to be user friendly and have excellent technical help systems if you are having any problems.


The age of the smart home is upon us. Millions of homes are already wired with an online assistant like Alexa to help them manage their household. Your smart thermostat can be connected to your other smart home devices with a simple click. From anywhere in your home, you can make a simple verbal request to your Alexa to raise the temperature without having to go to the thermostat and make the changes manually.

As we head into the future, newer homes will come equipped with these innovative technologies that will help you manage your home. Install a smart thermostat this fall to help you save energy and money over the winter.

By: Jaime Richardson 

Photo Courtesy of iStock.com

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